Since 2010 we observe the development and changes in how students make their academic choice and how they search information on the web.  This close observation and continuous research effort builds the back bone of our higher education marketing! Here you find our annual reports.  In 2016 we will present you the results of our 6th consecutive study with special focus on the effects of pictures.

  • How and where do students seek information about their academic options?
  • Whats criteria influence their decision making the most?
  • What sources of information do young adults prefer and trust when making choice for a university?

Every year we prepare a questionnaire to get answer on these questions from the potential students themselves. We question high school and university students that are interested in bachelor or master degree programs or recently started a study.


Report 2015   special focus on mobile website information and Facebook

Download Report 2015

Report 2014   with heavy differentiation for Bachelor/Master marketing

Download Report 2014

Report 2013   special focus on App and Mobile marketing

Download Report 2013

Report 2012   special focus on personal student guidance, emailing and Facebook

Download Report 2012

Report 2011   special focus on social networks

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Report 2010   initial study on academic decision making

Download Report 2010

Download all study results in one file Download all Reports 201o-2016