past conferences

The upcoming 2018 Social Media Marketing Conference will be our ninth consequtive Conference for Higher Education Marketing with a special focus on Social Media Marketing.

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In 2017 the conference was all about video marketing in higher education. Out guests from Deutsche Bildung added valuable research results and Kay Holland showed his video filming skills with drones. Interesting BarCamp Sessions with various topics and workshops strengthened the profile of the 2017 conference. See for yourself.

2017 Social Media Conference


Picture-It! Was the name and motto of the conference in 2016. Social Networks revolving around images are most popular by young adults – this has effects on university marketing efforts that were presented and discussed on the conference day.

2016 Social Media Conference


 Native Content Marketing as a solution to AdBlockers. User of the web are more cautious using the web and thus the rise of AdBlockers really affects traditional ads. How native content can help you overcome a blind spot was discussed in 2015 at our conference.

2015 Social Media Conference


How to reach different target groups in an ever evolving internet – how does communication differ with a bachelors‘ student compared to a masters‘?

2014 Social Media Conference


University Marketing goes pocket size – marketing methods in a world that is always online and mostly uses smart phones as their primary internet device.

2013 Social Media Conference


Facebook consumes the Internet. Many users made Facebook their internet website of choice. Some even believe Facebook is the internet. About the importance of Facebook pages and how to strategically plan posts was discussed with our colleagues and guests at the social media conference 2012 in Rheine.

2012 Social Media Conference


What is social media marketing? A conference about the versatility and novelty in marketing in non traditional ways on social media networks.

2011 Social Media Conference


Manage Websites and market you degree programmes effectively on the web.

2010 Social Media Conference